‘King’ James becomes NBA’s first player to surpass $500 million in payroll following 40,000-point season…now at $482 million, could sign two-year, $120 million deal

LeBron James (Los Angeles Lakers) will become the first player in the National Basketball Association (NBA) to surpass $500 million in payroll.

James has been paid about $482 million so far, according to Sportrac.

If he exercises his $51.4 million player option for next season, he’ll hit the $500 million mark. 토토사이트 추천 If he doesn’t exercise his player option and signs with another team, he’s still over $500 million.

James has until June 30 to decide whether to become a free agent or opt in.

Because of the 38-and-over rule, no team, including the Lakers, can offer James a contract for more than three seasons if he decides to become a free agent, according to ESPN.

James has signed six contracts in his career, five of which have been for three years or less.

A three-year deal with the Lakers would reportedly pay James $162 million, while a three-year deal with another team would pay him $157 million. Both average more than $50 million per year.

James previously signed a four-year, $154 million deal with the Lakers in 2018.

James could sign a two-year, $104 million deal with a player option for the second season. Alternatively, he could sign a two-year, $120 million deal with no player option.

James’ contract could be contingent on whether or not his son, Brodie, declares for the draft.

He could try out this year, but ESPN recently projected him as the 39th pick in the 2025 draft.

The news has James fired up.

On March 3, James became the first NBA player to reach the 40,000-point mark in his career with a layup with 1:21 left in the second quarter of a home game against the Denver Nuggets at Crypto.com Arena in Los Angeles, California.

James also became the first player in league history to record 40,000 points, 10,000 assists, and 10,000 rebounds.

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