Kim Ha-seong and Lee Jeong-hoo Both Bat First Opening Day Batting Order Prediction: Kim Ha-seong and Lee Jeong-hoo Both Bat First

It was predicted that Ha-seong Kim (San Diego Padres) and Jeong-hoo Lee (San Francisco Giants) would serve as their team’s first hitters in the opening game of the MLB regular season.

Looking at the starting batting order and pitcher rotation for the opening game of the 30 teams observed on the website on the 3rd (Korean time), Kim Ha-seong and Lee Jeong-hoo were at the top of their team’s lineup. 바카라사이트 predicted Kim Ha-seong to be the first hitter and second baseman, and Lee Jeong-hoo to be the first hitter and center fielder.

Even though San Diego manager Mike Silt famously said, “This year’s starting shortstop is Kim Ha-seong,” did not properly reflect this and listed Kim Ha-seong’s position as second baseman.

Regarding Lee Jung-hoo, predicted, “Lee Jung-hoo will experience some growing pains in the process of transitioning from the KBO League to MLB, but thanks to his excellent hitting skills, Lee Jung-hoo will play an active role as San Francisco’s dynamic number one hitter for many years to come.”

Lee Jeong-hoo possesses the excellent vision needed for a number one hitter, a high on-base percentage, and sophisticated bat skills.

In addition, his punching power and base running sense are exceptional, and he is evaluated as a player who can immediately solve San Francisco’s offensive attack problem.

Ha-seong Kim showed off his leadoff ability by entering 335 at-bats as the number one hitter in 73 games last year.

Last year, he hit number 1 more frequently than any other batting order, and his on-base percentage, slugging percentage, and stolen base ability all received acceptable grades.

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