New tourism minister says key to IR policy for Japan visit

Tetsuo Saito, who was newly appointed Japan’s minister of land and transport, said in a briefing on Tuesday that he was tasked with sticking to Japan’s goal of targeting 60 million arrivals by 2030, and that casino resort policies were a key part of the plan.

In Japan, a large tourist complex with casinos, meeting spaces, and hotels is known as an integrated resort (IR).

New Prime Minister Saito said new Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, who took office on Monday, had given specific instructions on tourist targets. This was based on information gathered by GGRA’s Japan correspondent.

“To achieve the goal, the entire government will make every effort. In particular, the government places importance on measures to expand average spending per visitor and extend the length of stay per visitor,” Saito said.

“As one of the measures, the IR policy is important “to become a tourism-centric country,”” added the minister, who is a member of the Liberal Democrats’ junior coalition partner Komeito at the national level.

On October 1, the Japanese government held an application period for local authorities to attract casino resorts and announced the weighting to be given when making such applications.

Under the liberalization program, up to three resorts will be allowed nationwide. Currently, only three communities are in operation to host large-scale integrated resorts each: Osaka, Nagasaki, and Wakayama.

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