Samsung Life Insurance’s Kim Dan-bi thanks the team for sending trust once again

Samsung Life succeeded in renewing the contract with seasoned forward Kim Dan-bi (32, 175cm, forward).

Yongin Samsung Life Insurance renewed its contract with Kim Dan-bi for a two-year contract period with a total annual salary of 120 million won (annual salary of 110 million won and allowance of 10 million won).

Kim Dan-bi made her professional debut in 2011 after going to Cheongju Girls’ High School and Gwangju University. He is a professional player from college who is considered to have succeeded in a soft landing. Samsung Life Insurance’s Kang Yu-rim, Woori Bank’s Lee Myung-kwan, and Shinhan Bank’s Kim Areum are currently playing as college players.

Starting with Woori Bank, Kim Dan-bi played for Bucheon Hana One Q for three years in 2017 before moving to Samsung Life Insurance in 2020. He contributed a lot to winning the playoffs at the time by being given plenty of time to play in the 2020-21 season.

Kim Dan-bi, who had a career-high average of 8.1 points and 5.2 rebounds in 29 games in the 2020-21 season, the first season of his transfer, has continued his presence as a Six Man ever since. Last season, he played only 16 games due to injuries and other reasons, averaging only 3.5 points and 2.6 rebounds.

However, Samsung Life Insurance praised Kim Dan-bi’s sincerity and renewed her contract by giving her trust once again.

Kim Dan-bi told this newspaper by phone, “I didn’t show good performance last year. Still, the club trusted me. Thank you. I made the decision without much thought. I feel relieved. The conditions were not much different from what I thought.”

One after another, Kim Dan-bi said, “I didn’t even want it from another team. I felt like my team suited me well. I didn’t think much about the challenge. I thought I could be eliminated. I also thought it was time for change. I thought it could change as the coach changed. I hope I can show you at least one thing before I retire.”

Kim also said, “I want to achieve a small goal that I can set, even if it’s not a big role. I want to show good performance and retire. That word has always been close. There were many mid-and-middle crises, and I think that’s what happened every year.”

The role she thought was gold. I wanted a more detailed story.

Kim Dan-bi said, “After winning the championship, my sisters disappeared in the next season. I immediately felt like I was a veteran. Since then, I have been transferred to the veteran army. There are obvious deficiencies. I am not the type to take good care of people (laughs). I plan to give a lot of interest and love to my juniors for the next two seasons. I need to be a comfortable sister. I need to be an active senior. There is a big age gap.”

Kim continued, “If there is anything I can do to help you, I would gladly help you grow. I don’t have any particular comment to give to Haran, who plays a similar position. He has inner skills on the screen and other platforms. Sometimes, I plan to share detailed stories. However, he is doing very well. Other players are also giving advice during off-season practice. If there is anything I don’t know, I will take care of you.”

Lastly, regarding the word “greetings,” Kim Dan-bi concluded the interview by saying, “Coach Lim Geun-bae took me with him when he was at Hana One Q. He gave me the chance to win the championship. I was able to continue my career as an athlete. Thank you for giving me so many good experiences. I want to play a helpful role as an experienced player for the next two years. Still, I want to leave behind my name. Until now, I have endured doing bad things silently and sincerely. I want to do better and finish the role. I want to be remembered as such a player.”

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