The process of appointing coach Lee Seung-joon, 3 to 3, by the Korea Basketball Association

The Korea Basketball Association (Chairman Kwon Hyuk-woon) appointed Lee Seung-joon as the head coach of the 3-on-3 men’s basketball national team in early March.

However, the Yonhap News Agency reported that Lee Seung-joon did not meet the requirements for open recruitment at the time of his appointment.

One of the requirements for open recruitment supervision at the time was “a person who has more than one year and less than five years of experience in coaching the event, but has won medals at the Olympic and Asian Games and is qualified as a professional sports instructor of the event level 2 or higher.”

However, at the time of selection, the association had received an official letter from Chosun University stating that coach Lee Seung-joon had a coaching experience of one to two months.

Nevertheless, the association approved Lee’s qualification as a candidate, saying, “The registration system of the Korean Sports Council says Lee Seung-joon has one year of experience as a coach at Chosun University.”

According to the Korea Sports Council, the guidance experience of the leader registration system is to be entered by the leader himself, and above all, since the registration unit is at least one year, it is difficult to admit the one-year experience.

Since then, the association has claimed that Lee Seung-joon has asked the Romanian association to confirm his two-and-a-half-year experience in coaching the Romanian Basketball Association, which he wrote on his resume, but the reply from the Romanian association does not indicate the teaching period at all.

In the end, the Korea Basketball Association appointed Lee Seung-joon, who was confirmed only with one to two months of experience as a coach at Chosun University, the minimum requirement for a leader’s career at the time of the competition process.

Since then, coach Lee Seung-joon has been controversial for selecting A, who was found to be very poor in the FIBA Asia Cup at the end of March, and due to the weakening of the national team’s power, he has kneeled in succession in countries with lower world rankings than Korea, including Sri Lanka and Indonesia.

In addition, although player A has worked at the same basketball academy as coach Lee Seung-joon, there has been a “controversy over the selection of preferential treatment for the national team,” the Korea Basketball Association says it will only move on to express regret to coach Lee Seung-joon without disciplinary action.

“It is true that coach Lee Seung-joon’s coaching career was not fully confirmed during the coach selection process,” said Jeong Jae-yong, vice chairman of the Korea Basketball Association. “The association is in the process of confirming the duration of coach Lee Seung-joon’s coaching from the Romanian association, although it is late.”

Vice Chairman Chung Jae-yong said, “If we fail to confirm the two-and-a-half-year period that coach Lee Seung-joon wrote on his resume from the Romanian association, we will take care of it according to the procedure.”

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