KCC has easily exceeded 7,000 seats in the 3rd round of the championship

Busan KCC has regained the prestige of the so-called “super team” in the 2023-2024 Jeonggwanjang Professional Basketball Playoff (best of five) and the championship game (best of four out of seven) and is on a roll. As the performance surged and expectations for the championship increased, spectators are also showing signs of a hit.

The number of tickets reserved for the third round of the championship match between Suwon KT and Suwon KT, which will be held at Sajik Gymnasium on March 1 through March 29, has easily exceeded 7,200. Even though there are two days left before the match, KCC has moved to Busan and is highly likely to break the record of the highest number of spectators.

KCC had 8,780 spectators at its home opener this season on October 22 last year. It was the most spectatorship in a single game in the KBL this season and the most spectatorship in a single game since KCC was founded. Although the team used to be based in Jeonju, its home stadium was not large and it was far from the record. However, the team is changing its home stadium and using a larger stadium.

The ticket power of KCC has already been confirmed since the “spring basketball” began. 6,791 spectators entered the third home game of the semifinal PO against Wonju DB on Thursday. It was the highest number of spectators in a single PO match in KCC’s history. As the number of tickets reserved for the third round of the championship match has already exceeded 7,200, it is certain that KCC will break the record of the third round of the semifinal PO match unless a large-scale cancellation occurs. The third round is Labor Day. Although it is not a legal holiday, many companies are closed. For this reason, it seems that many fans are rushing to make reservations to visit Sajik Gymnasium.

“We have already decided to open seats on the third and fourth floors. A total of 10,800 seats are available on the reservation site,” a KCC source said on Wednesday. “We will have to wait and see the situation, but we are agonizing over the operation of standing seats as well.” “As private seats on the third and fourth floors have not been accurately identified, we have made a plan to sell seats only to spectators who want to stand,” he added.

Starting with Heo Woong, the most popular star, stars representing the KBL including Choi Jun-yong, Song Kyo-chang, Ra Gun-ah and Lee Seung-hyun are all in the same team. In fact, it is the Korean national team’s lineup. The team was called a “super team” even before the opening of this season, but it took some time to solve the puzzle in the regular season. After showing off their extreme performance from the sixth round of the regular season, they are taking a step closer to winning the championship title for the first time among the fifth-ranked team thanks to their explosive scoring ability. As a result, the team is drawing attention from many basketball fans and is enjoying great success in the box office as well.

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