KT’s counterattack or KCC’s consolidation

KT is aiming for a counterattack in the second game. KCC is trying to solidify.

Suwon KT will face off against Busan KCC in the second game of the 2023-2024 professional basketball championship game at KT Arena in Suwon on the 29th. He tries to overcome his first loss.

KT had a tight race with KCC until the second quarter. It failed to overcome the third quarter. Paris Bath (200 cm, F) alone struggled hard. Korean players’ support did not meet expectations.

On the other hand, KCC took the lead in the first game with its overwhelming firepower. Five players scored double-digit points. They showed the side of the super team once again.

Up until the first half, the game was decided in the third quarter. KCC had 33 points in the third quarter. Song Kyo-chang (198 cm, F), a former hidden powerhouse, came to the fore. He scored 13 points with only two points and six shots and one free throw without three points. Heo Woong (185 cm, G), Choi Jun-yong (200 cm, F), and Ra Gun-ah (199 cm, C) also combined for 18 points. It was “Fantastic 4.”

It was the third quarter that showed the most significant difference even in the speed fight, which had been ahead throughout the game. KCC had a 12-4 lead in the third quarter alone.

KT also tried to counterattack with a shot from the outside in the third quarter. It had 13 tries for the three points. However, it only had one point that cut the rim. The field goal success rate in the third quarter was only about 26 percent. This was the reason why it could not win the battle for firepower. Except for Heo Hoon (180 cm, G), no player scored three points.

KT is agonizing over whether to start the semifinal playoff or not. Ha Yoon-ki (204 cm, C), Han Hee-won (194 cm, F), and Jung Sung-woo (178 cm, G) have failed to help Bath. KT manager Song Young-jin is increasing the available time for small lineup using Moon Jung-hyun (194 cm, F), Moon Sung-gon (196 cm, F), and Lee Hyun-suk (190 cm, F) instead of Ha, who has shown poor performance.

Hur has yet to display performance before the injury. Only Bath and Michael Eriks (211 centimeters, C) are the best. Korean players need to make a reversal.

KCC is having a perfect playoff. Players with excellent skills play harder than anyone else. The energy level of offense and defense is all high. KCC coach Jeon Chang-jin is also focusing on the super team with excellent mercenary skills and proper operation time.

KCC must be careful not to let down its guard. For this reason, the team failed to display 100 percent of its capacity during the regular season. As the team nears winning the championship, it must not lose concentration.

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