Paradise Co Casino sales fall by 34 pct in April

Paradise Inc., which operates foreigner-only casinos in South Korea, said its casino revenue fell 34.4 percent in April in a row.

Those profits were 14.82 billion won ($13.2 million) compared to 22.6 billion won in March.

The April 2021 figure is still 86.3% higher than the 7.96 billion won achieved in April last year.

Foreign-only casino operations in South Korea continue to face headwinds due to COVID-19 response measures across the country. Measures include so-called nationwide social distancing protocols and inbound travel restrictions that apply to non-nationals or non-residents.

Paradise’s gaming operations are at Walkerhill in Seoul, Jeju Grand on Jeju Island, Busan Casino in the southern port city of Busan, and Paradise City (file photo), near the main international airport serving Incheon’s capital city of Seoul.

In April, the company’s sales fell 36.5 percent to nearly W13.05 billion, compared to the W20.54 billion it achieved in March. This is an increase of 88.0 percent compared to the W6.94 billion it managed in April 2020.

Machine game sales reached 1.78 billion won in April this year, down 13.7% from 2.06 billion won in March, but up 74.4% from 1.02 billion won in April last year.

April’s figures put the casino revenue tally for the year to April 30 at nearly 82.89 billion won, down 48.9% from nearly 162.22 billion won achieved in the first four months of 2020.

The January-April 2021 sales tally was close to 75.19 billion won, down 50.6% from 152.31 billion won recorded in January-April last year.

Machine game sales for the calendar year to April 30 were 7.7 billion won, down 22.2 percent from 9.9 billion won a year earlier.

The amount of table drops in Paradise, the amount that customers exchanged for chips at the table, increased 22.6 percent month-on-month from 135.06 billion won in March to nearly 165.63 billion won in April. This April’s performance increased 191.6 percent from the table drop of 56.88 billion won in April last year

From January to April, Paradise’s table drop tally fell 55.5% year-on-year to 542.98 billion won, down 1.22 trillion won year-on-year.

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