Paradise Co Casino Sales Up 16 pct mo-m In June

Casino sales at Paradise Inc., the foreign-only casino operator, rose 16.1% month-on-month in June, with the same percentage year-on-year.

Casino revenue fell just short of 16.05 billion won ($14.2 million) in June this year, compared to 13.83 billion won in May. The latter result was a 6.1 percent drop in casino revenue in April.

Table sales in June this year rose 16.6% month-on-month to 13.99 billion won from 11.92 billion won in May. Compared to the same month a year earlier, table sales in June rose 14.6% from 12.13 billion won achieved in June 2020.

Machine sales were just under W2.15 billion in June, up 12.6% from nearly W1.91 billion in May. This June’s earnings were up 26.8% from nearly W1.77 billion in June 2020.

Casino gross revenue in the first half of 2021 was 117.22 billion won, down 45.2% from 205.8 billion won in the same period of 2020.

Sales in the first half of the year were KRW 100.96 billion, down 47.3% from the first half of 2020 (191.72 billion won).

In the six months to June 30, Paradise saw machine game sales of 11.76 billion won, down 16.5% from 14.08 billion won a year earlier.

TABLE DROP – The amount of cash exchanged for chips by customers at the table rose 43.1% month-on-month to 194.77 billion won in June, compared with 136.83 billion won in May.

Compared to the same month a year earlier in June, table drop performance was up 63.2% from 119.35 billion won in June 2020.

In the six months to June 30, the tally fell to 873.85 billion won, down 42.7% from the first half of 2020 (1.53 trillion won).

The figures are based on the casino-business sector, which consists of Paradise Walkerhill (pictured) in Seoul, the capital of Korea, Jeju Grand in Jeju Island, Paradise City in Incheon, just outside Seoul, and Busan Casino in the southern port city of the same name.

The group casino business segment accounted for 73.9% of consolidated revenue and 97.7% of segregated revenue in 2020.

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