Trade from KIA to be re-examined as 151km right-hander

The KIA Tigers had a significant harvest last week. A pitcher showed a performance that surprised coach Lee Bum-ho. It was the appearance of right-handed pitcher Kim Do-hyun, who is not yet 24 years old. He was promoted from a nurturing player to an official player and received a call-up for the first team. In his first game, he threw a 151 km ball.

He was traded to Kia from the Hanwha Eagles during the 2022 season. His name was Kim Yi-hwan. He was recruited as a promising player in his career. He has six wins and 42 games for the Hanwha Eagles. After taking the mound in five games for the first division in the 2022 season, he has decided to join the military in the second half of this season. He thought it would be better to finish his military service and continue his career.

After being discharged from the military in February, he returned to the team. He was strengthened by running and weight in the military. He received systematic training for the Futures team. Now that he has completed his military service, he is renewing his mind and challenging himself to become a professional. He threw competitive balls as a bullpen pitcher for the Futures team. He also threw 150 kilometers of balls.

Lee continued to pack while watching the video that he uploaded at Futures League, and uploaded it immediately after the expiry date for registration as an official player. As the must-winners took frequent mound at the same time as the opening game, they looked a little tired. Now, they need to prepare for a new strength, but right-hander Kim Do-hyeon has appeared. He is expected to be appointed as a new player in the bullpen session of the first division. Lee will be able to build a full-fledged career from now on.

KIA has made several trades in recent years. Of course, evaluations of wrongdoing over the outcome of the trade followed. Most of them had few positive reviews. However, as the years have passed, new and re-examined trades are emerging one after another. Kim Do-hyun is also being reevaluated after two years. Pitcher Lee Min-woo and outfielder Lee Jin-young, who were sent to the opposing team at the time, are playing as full force in the first division.

The same is true for Lee Woo-sung, an internal and external fielder who is now the main player. In 2019, he sent Lee Myung-ki, a .300 hitter, and recruited him as a future powerhouse. He seemed to be playing well but faltered due to injury and played as a backup for several years. It was a poor trade, but now Lee has emerged as an indispensable .300 hitter. Some even ask him what he would have done if he hadn’t brought him.

Right-hander Jang Hyun-sik, who was hired by NC in 2020, was also criticized for his lackluster pitching right after the trade. However, he has been a key player in the bullpen since he became the hold king (34) in the following year. Left-hander Kim Sa-yoon (then named Kim Jung-bin), who was scouted after giving up catcher Kim Min-sik in 2022, is also contributing to the team’s roster as a bullpen pitcher. Of course, not all of them could laugh. Lim, who wore a KIA uniform along with Kim Sa-yoon, retired last week due to voluntary withdrawal.

Hence, Byun’s move is also drawing attention. After the 2022 season, Kia recruited Byun after giving up pitchers Han Seung-hyuk and Jang Ji-soo. It was a choice to grow him into a corner powerhouse outfielder. He had a chance to play 200 times at bat last year, recording seven homers and 24 RBIs. However, this year he started with the second division team and has yet to receive a call-up for the first division. Lee Woo-sung and Seo Geon-chang are playing as first basemen. The Futures League is showing off their appeal by recording 333 percent with two homers, 12 RBIs and six runs with an OPS of 0.959. If Byun waits, he will see his team burst.

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