KIA falters + Doosan’s weak progression from 1st to 5th place is only 2.5G

Currently, Kia, ranked first, and Doosan, ranked fifth, have a gap of only 2.5 games. Including the sixth-ranked SSG, the number of games is 3.5 games. In fact, Kia seemed to have been solid. It has faltered slightly with only four wins and six losses in the recent 10 games.

On the contrary, Doosan came up with a scary run. It has been eight consecutive wins. On the 12th, he took care of both KT and doubleheaders, showing a fiery pace. He was seventh on the 1st. He lost four and a half games in just 11 days.

Meanwhile, NC-Samsung, is tying for second place. It is two games ahead of KIA. Behind them is LG, the defending champion. It is just 0.5 game behind NC-Samsung. Doosan has no gap with LG. SSG, sixth place, is lagging behind Doosan by one game.

For now, KIA, the No. 1 player, boasts stable pitching and hitting power. The injury of Lee Eui-ri and Will Crow seems to have caused a big crack in the starting lineup, but Hwang Dong-ha has recently emerged as an alternative with good pitching. The bullpen, led by Jung Hae-young, is considered the strongest in the league. The batting lineup is also good. Only Na Sung-bum’s comeback remains.

NC is threatening the lead, breaking expectations of the lower ranks. As expected, the balance of pitching and hitting is good. Samsung has a synergy effect around young players. Oh Jae-il’s two long balls in his return match is also a plus factor.

LG has become a champion as time goes by. Son Joo-young has established himself as the starting pitcher, and Kim Bum-seok has emerged as a “hit product.” Doosan stands out in harmony with the new and old teams. They are doing well without Raul Alcantara. In particular, it is nice to see young pitchers making strides. Henry Ramos also has his bat on fire.

Except for Lotte (39 games), all teams played more than 40 games. LG and Doosan had 43 games, Samsung had 41 games, and KIA-NC had 40 games. The figure represents 27.8 to 29.9 percent of the total 144 games played. This means that almost one-third of the games played in this season.

Now, it is not the beginning of the season. He has played against all clubs once, and the analysis of his piano has been completed to a certain extent. Now is the time to make a calculation.

Moreover, it is getting hotter and hotter. Temperature and physical strength are inversely proportional to each other. The hotter the heat, the less physical strength you get. Decreasing physical strength leads to injury. All 10 teams put the most effort into it. If no player can play, there is no answer. Then, the team will have a hard time.

After all, it is no exaggeration to say that now is the first match of this season. One win is more important than ever. Injured defectors have no choice. You have to wait until you come back and think about winning. If you lose consecutive games, it is not easy to recover. It is always difficult to make up. It is easy to get behind when you earn a lot.

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