Samsung to unveil digital family care service for older adults in June

A Samsung Electronics employee introduces Family Care, a care service that allows users to remotely control their parents’ home appliances, at its Suwon headquarters in Gyeonggi Province, Tuesday. Courtesy of Samsung Electronics

Samsung Electronics will launch a family care service in June, an AI solution for older adults who are not familiar with digital devices and services and who need close family support, the company said Wednesday.The service will use Samsung’s Internet of Things (IoT)-based smart home platform SmartThings to let clients check whether their family members are using home appliances or whether there have been any changes in movement patterns.

The service connects users’ older family members’ TVs, refrigerators, water purifiers, induction cooktops, smartphones and other appliances with the SmartThings app to manage their daily routines based on AI technology, Samsung said.For example, when an older parent takes medication, the water purifier will optimize the amount and temperature of water for the medication. The service also allows users to check inside the refrigerator through a camera to see what groceries need to be purchased. They can also turn induction cooktops off via their smartphones if a family member accidentally leaves one on.”We will continue to introduce various AI products and solutions to further solidify Samsung’s AI leadership in the market here,” Lim Seong-taek executive vice president of Samsung, said.Samsung said the Family Care service doesn’t 메이저 just manage one’s parents’ home appliances but can be customized for a variety of households.

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