World’s 14th VNL 30th in a row

The world ranking of the women’s volleyball national team, which escaped from 30 consecutive losses in the Volleyball Nations League (VNL) against Thailand, has risen.

The women’s volleyball team beat Thailand (13th in the world ranking) with a set score of 3-1 (25-19 23-25 25-16 25-18) in the fourth game of the Fédération Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB) VNL held at Maracaranginho Gymnasium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on the 20th (Korea time).

According to the women’s volleyball world ranking announced after the match, Korea acquired 13.69 points in the rankings with the victory over Thailand. This brings Korea to 37th place, up six notches from 43rd. Portugal dropped two spots again to 43rd, and Vietnam, once ahead of Korea, also dropped from 39th to 40th. Thailand, which lost to Korea, dropped one spot to 14th. Korea is ranked fourth in Asia, following China (6th), Japan (8th), and Thailand (14th).

Korea was ranked 14th in the world in December of that year due to the legend of the semifinals at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, but suffered 30 consecutive losses in the VNL for the next three years, plunging to the top 40. Korea started losing consecutive games in the last three games of the VNL in 2021, and suffered all defeats in 2022 (12) and 2023 (12). It also fell further as it lost all of its first three games this year.

However, her win over Thailand paved the way for her to advance to the next level. Coach Fernando Morales, who took the helm of the women’s national team ahead of the VNL race, told reporters at his inaugural press conference, “My goal is to elevate the world ranking. My goal is to elevate the ranking and to rise to a high ranking at the World Championships and the Asian Games.” The victory over Thailand provided the driving force.

After the match, middle blocker Lee Da-hyun said in an interview with VNL, “It took me three years to achieve this victory. I’m honored to win against a strong opponent,” adding, “I really wanted to win. This victory gives us a lot of confidence and I hope we can do better than the past two years.”

Meanwhile, South Korea, which finished the first week of the tournament with a victory over Thailand, will move from Brazil to Arlington, Texas, USA, and play the second week from the 30th.

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