Shoreline Casino Belleville workers agree to contract

Shoreline Casino Belleville’s staff protests are officially coming to an end, and the casino will continue to operate regularly on Friday. On Wednesday, employees who set up picket lines in front of the building agreed to a tentative agreement between Unipo Region 1090 representing them and employer Great Canadian Gaming Corp.

On Friday, Oct. 22, more than 90 employees walked out of the company in protest against the pay proposed by Game Leader. Protesters even tried to block the parking lot to the hotel’s main entrance, preventing other employees and casino customers from entering, but the situation normalized.

On Wednesday, Unipo Regional Chairman Corey Dalton announced that employees had agreed to a tentative agreement Tuesday between the union and the hired Great Canadian Gaming Corporation. More than 92% of employees voted for the contract, with the new terms increasing wages by 13% over the three-year contract period, with some grades increasing by up to 24%.

In addition, the new contract currently agreed is achieved by reducing the cost of extended health benefits by 50% and increasing the number of workers working at casinos, reducing working hours from 28 hours to 24 hours a week. Mr Dalton says the deal is the first collective agreement signed since 93 employees joined the union in March 2020.

Chuck Keeling, vice president of Great Canadian Gaming, also mentioned the situation, saying a majority of the vote shows the newly proposed contract is fair and reasonable. He is now pleased that this situation and the dispute have been resolved, and with Ontario allowing casinos to operate in full, the company can focus on rebuilding its business.

During the protest, Mr Keeling said he understood workers’ complaints about the proposed contract and said the strike was understandable. But he didn’t agree to a casino lockdown, forcing employees to park their vehicles in nearby hotel car parks or driveways. He described Saturday’s event as illegal and unsafe.

Unipo National Chairman Jerry Diaz said Belleville casino workers have shown tremendous solidarity and determination to secure better collective agreements. The strike began last Friday and lasted five days. Now employees will return to work on Thursday, and regular casino hours will resume on Friday.

Shorelines Casino Belleville is struggling to recover from the effects of unprecedented conditions, according to the Great Canadian Gaming Corporation. Due to lockdown protocols, the property has endured multiple closures and reopening since March 2020. And the limited capacity of operational sponsors has made it more difficult to accumulate unprecedented numbers of situations.

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