Martial Arts Tricking

Tricking is a new, acrobatic discipline. It borrows and incorporates kicks from martial arts, gymnastics flips and twists, and ground moves from breakdancing. These elements of kicks, flips, twists, and ground moves are fused together in creative, visually-pleasing combinations. It has been described the ultimate form of movement and expression.

Originating in the 1990s from martial artists trying to add more flare into their forms, tricking has grown past extreme martial arts into its own living, breathing movement art. More than the movement itself, being a tricker means being part of an international community of like-minded individuals who take joy and pride in throwing their body around and making unique shapes in the air.

Tricking is for everyone and anyone. Trickers come from all kinds of backgrounds martial arts, dance, parkour, tumbling, trampolining, etc. but many have zero background and are completely self-taught. 토토 Most learn strictly from YouTube tutorials and learning from other practitioners around them. As a tricking instructor for 5+ years, I’ve seen students of different ages, flexibility, athleticism, and backgrounds. But they’ve all been able to trick by breaking the motions down into their components and using safe progressions. Honestly, the biggest hurdle to learning how to trick is not physical, but mental.

The majority of people don’t believe in themselves or are self-conscious about trying something uncomfortable for the first time. But the act of training and moving eases these fears overtime and helps build the confidence and body awareness. Scared? That’s kinda the point. Tricking is scary and exciting and that’s the appeal. But fear comes from a lack of body awareness and knowledge, these things can be remedied with enough work through the pre-requisites and fundamental drills.

Embracing this fear and working through it by going through the basics is the only way to get good at tricking. If possible, train with someone who already tricks they will be able to guide you on your tricking journey. Or find another person who wants to learn tricking with you! Community has always been embedded within tricking’s DNA and having a training partner makes the learning process more fun, rewarding, and escalates the rate of gaining new tricks.

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