Benjamin’s July, a pitcher reading “Soy Sauce Factory Manager.”

From last place in early June to fourth place by the end of the month, KT rebounded with a 13-6 record in July, and the starting pitching staff was at the center of it all.

Two pitchers, Ko Young-pyo and Benjamin, were nominated for the July MVP award, especially Benjamin, who posted a 1.67 ERA in a four-game sweep in July.

Benjamin came to the team last year as a substitute foreign player, but he has already seamlessly integrated into the team, thanks in large part to the fact that he has studied Korean to the point where he is fluent in Korean greetings.

[Benjamin/KT: “Hello, Byung-ho~”]

They say he can already read Hangul, and I put it to the test.

[Benjamin/KT: “I love you, director of the soy sauce factory. I’m still learning.”]

[Benjamin/KT: “I want to do things I need to do in my life in Korean, like go to a cafe and order, and I want to communicate with my teammates. I will continue to study Korean and I will get better.”]

Benjamin also respects Korean culture.

He bows his head and apologizes sincerely after hitting a batter, and in May, he donated to a child welfare facility in Suwon, his hometown.

[Benjamin/KT: “The Koreans came to me first and showed me respect and love, and I really appreciated that, and I was looking for a way to give back.”]

From being so moved by the rain in Lake Baekhoe that he painted a picture on the fence, 카지노사이트킴 Benjamin has been entertaining fans off the mound as well as on it.

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