Kim Ha-Sung and Choi Ji-Man urge building an iron wall together.

San Diego’s Korean teammates can’t seem to catch a break.

Kim Ha-seong and Choi Ji-man made a spectacular play on defense against the LA Dodgers.

In the seventh inning, third baseman Kim Ha-seong catches a quick grounder, spins around like a top, and throws the ball away!

First baseman Choi Ji-Man steadily catches the ball and makes the out!

Great defense by the Korean major leaguers!

The ball hits the ground and bounces up, but Choi Ji-Man catches it in a kneeling position, as expected.

With one hit and one walk, the red-hot Kim reached base in 14 consecutive games, just one game shy of Ichiro’s 15-game record.

Cincinnati’s rookie pitcher, Richardson, 먹튀검증토토사이트 making his big league debut, suffered epic bad luck, allowing two home runs on the first and second pitches.

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