New York Strengthens Problem Gambling Protection

New York is stepping up efforts to combat problem gambling. This month, the New York State Game Commission and the Addiction Services and Support Agency introduced a voluntary self-exclusion support program that allows local gamblers to be willing to register and take a break from games for a period of time as a way to solve problems. 파친코

Since online sports betting was introduced to Empire State in January 2022, a growing number of experts have expressed concern that betting possibilities have increased. According to them, more and more people could report problematic gambling as sports betting has not been as easy in the state as it is now.

Amy McBride, a preventive and special program assistant, also noted that there are more gaming opportunities now, which will lead to an increase in gambling-related problems. A 2020 OASAS study found that 4.4% of New York adults are gambling at risk, while 0.7% are problematic or pathological gamblers. She said inquiries about the organization’s resource centers are already on the rise.

McBride said the group noted that young men or college students in their 20s have more difficulties when it comes to sports gambling. According to her, it is important to spread awareness, as countless people are struggling in silence, and some are unaware that there is a support tool for this addiction.

She announced on June 1, 2023 that the state had introduced a voluntary self-exclusion support program. These groups will be able to help residents fill out forms and fill out questions, as well as notarize documents. The change will allow New Yorkers to do this remotely, essentially anywhere in the state.

Kelly Delaney, the administrator of the Northeast Gambling Commission, also said a few words on the topic. She believes it’s very important for people to keep pushing themselves, keep trying, and keep going. Because, even though there was a moment when I felt I couldn’t do this, I’m now happy to be able to help people and share my expertise.

Earlier this year, experts from the New York Gambling Commission reported a growing number of young people seeking help in connection with their obsessive gambling habits. James Manny, director of the New York Gambling Commission, said the state should invest US$10 million annually to help local residents recognize warning signs of problem gambling.

Meanwhile, in March, New York’s Problem Gambling Resource Center reported that it had begun investigating the impact of mobile sports betting on local bets. Jeffrey Beersvik, head of the Western New York Center for Gambling Resources, said calls to the organization doubled last year as New Yorkers made more than $16.3 billion in online investments.

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