Welsh fans give a standing Ovation To Son Heung-min

The South Korean national soccer team, led by head coach Jürgen Klinsmann, played a friendly match against the Welsh national team in Wales, England, at 3:45 a.m. on the 8th. 토토 It was a game for the first win under Klinsmann’s system. However, it was a 0-0 draw without a single sharp shot.

Klinsmann put Son Heung-min and Cho Kyu-sung at the forefront. Son Heung-min recorded one effective shot and one shot that headed out of the net during the full 90 minutes. The Welsh defense was blocked by intensive checks and rarely had a chance to shoot.

In addition to Son Heung-min, Cho Kyu-sung, Lee Jae-sung, and Hong Hyun-seok also failed to shoot. Hwang Hee-chan and Hwang Ui-jo, who entered the second half, also failed to try to shoot. Hwang In-beom’s mid-range shot slightly missed the post. The Korean national team recorded only four shots on the day. There was only one effective shot.

A few interesting scenes came out around 44 minutes into the first half. Son Heung-min broke through the Welsh side and the ball hit the Welsh defender and led to a corner kick. Son Heung-min kicked the ball toward the corner flag and moved to the front of the Welsh goal.

In the process, Son Heung-min and Welsh home fans faced each other. Some Welsh fans applauded Son Heung-min first. Then Son Heung-min responded with applause. When Welsh fans saw this, they smiled brightly and stood up and applauded as a group.

No matter how friendly it is, it is not common for home fans to give a standing ovation as a group toward the captain of the away team. Soccer commentator Park Moon-sung, who was in charge of the game, also watched carefully, saying, Wales fans applaud Son Heung-min.

I played a scoreless game against Son Heung-min, one of the world’s best strikers, Welsh coach Robert Page said in a Daily Mail after the game. I think it’s positive,” he said, referring to Son Heung-min. Wales was satisfied in that it blocked Son Heung-min, the No. 1 guard.

Son Heung-min is a player with a deep relationship with Wales. Ben Davis, who came out wearing the Welsh captain’s armband, has been playing with Son Heung-min for eight years. When they joined the national team after the English Premier League Tottenham-Burnley match last weekend, they also took a train from London to Cardiff. They hugged and greeted each other just before and after the match.

Wales defender Joe Roden Liz United also played for Tottenham with Son Heung-min. Son Heung-min, Davis, and Rodon formed a private organization Wales Mafia when Gareth Bale was in Tottenham in the past. They showed off their friendship by scoring goals and drawing WM with their fingers. Rodon focused on marking Son Heung-min during the full 90 minutes.

Wales striker Brennan Johnson also has a connection with Tottenham. Johnson is a new striker who recently left Nottingham Forest for Tottenham. He was only born in 2001 and has moved to Tottenham for less than a week. Son Heung-min, Davis, Roden, and Johnson took commemorative photos in the hallway in front of the locker room after the match.

There is one more away friendly match left in Europe. Klinsmann will play a friendly match against Saudi Arabia at St. James’ Park in Newcastle on the 13th. If Klinsmann, who has been sluggish with three draws and two losses in five games since taking office in the Korean national team, fails to win the match against Saudi Arabia, his position could be narrowed.

South Korean captain Son Heung-min met with Yonhap News and said, It is clear that Saudi Arabia is a good opponent. It’s a team that has caused a huge upset beating the winner Argentina at the last Qatar World Cup. I want to give joy to my fans with victory. I hope we can dispel doubts about the national team, he vowed.

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