Sask Games to Begin Conversion at Casino Moose Joe

After the recent modernization of Casino Regina, Sask Gaming is now in the spotlight for Casino Moose Jaw. 바카라사이트 Recently, the company announced plans to inject about C$5,000,000 into game amenities for much-needed renovations. This will be the first real improvement on real estate since its launch more than 20 years ago.

Casino Regina and Casino Moose Joe’s latest renovation project is part of a C$2.1 billion Saskatchewan Crown Enterprise Plan for 2023-24. The goal is to enhance system security and reliability, better serve customers, and support the state’s economy. The moose joe will remain open during maintenance, but tarps will cover the area under construction.

In May, Brian Miller, director of game communications at Sask, announced that the CA$5 million casino renovation would begin in late June. According to him, once completed, the property will provide customers with a brighter, more welcoming, and more convenient environment. Gaming regulators predict construction will run until early 2024.

Mr. Miller explained that renovations at the casino would essentially put an end to the company’s five-year modernization plan. The casino’s upgrades will be focused on gaming and food and beverage facilities, with brighter lighting, new carpets and enhanced floor plan installations for guests.

Last year, Casino Moose Joe attracted an average of about 38,000 guests per month, according to local data. Miller said the company’s revamped casinos reflect regulators’ willingness to stay at the cutting edge of the region’s gambling entertainment and provide much-needed upgrades at casino venues.

In addition, those who recently visited Casino Regina will know what to expect from modernization in Musso, officials said. As has already been mentioned, it will be the first major renovation of the casino since it opened in 2002. The previous renovation was an expansion of the casino floor in 2009.

Casino Regina closed its event center for renovation in January 2023. But the shutdown was temporary as the venue resumed work at the end of March. This was the final step in the casino’s renovation, according to Shana Schulhauser, head of game communications at Sask. Crown invested an upgrade worth about C$5.5 million in the building.

Before that, there were complaints about accessibility, with some customers at properties with accessibility issues saying that casinos were not always welcomed. One customer explained that his wife had to walk through the main gate and through the entire property to reach the show lounge.

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