NYSGC Conducts Training for Lottery Stores

In November this year, the New York State Gaming Commission is once again working to address gambling addiction and spread more awareness of the problem. 카지노사이트 Regulators have begun new training to educate lottery retailers in more detail on how to prevent problem gambling and underage play before one of their busiest periods.

Holidays are the time of year when many locals tend to put lottery tickets in children’s Christmas socks. However, they seem to have forgotten that individuals must be of legal age to play. According to the National Association for Problem Gambling, 60 to 80 percent of high school students reported gambling with real money last year.

With the latest campaign, the New York State Gaming Commission will provide lottery retailers with training to strengthen the importance of age verification when purchasing tickets. The training consists of acceptable identification forms, such as how retailers can spot fake IDs and how to engage with customers who may not be used to showing them.

One of the owners of AA Petroleum, Ayaaz Yousef, and his staff will participate in the online training. He said it’s important for all retailers to know how to handle the situation. He added that if a customer appears to be under 50 years old or has no gray hair, the clerk should ask them to present a valid ID to buy a lottery ticket.

As part of the training, managers and clerks will examine how to spot fake IDs, engage customers who are not used to showing them, and how to proceed when they suspect dangerous play. Retailers can also print careful messages with NYS Hopeline, which has a QR code that gives players 24-hour access to problematic gambling resources.

The National Council on Problem Gambling reported that 4-6% of high school students suffer from gambling addiction. Stephen Delaney, a victim of gambling addiction, pointed out that teenagers should intervene early before starting a family before their gambling habits change in the long term. This is the moment to help them, Mr. Delaney said.

This year, Empire State launched a mobile sports betting market, which significantly changed the local environment and offered more play options. This has led local addiction experts to share concerns about increased betting availability. The report also identified a growing number of people asking for help with issues since its launch.

In June 2022, New York Senator Joseph Adabbo was one of the lawmakers who launched the Problem Gambling Advisory Committee. It consists of 13 members and plans to gather twice a year to discuss topics and issues. According to Adabo’s office, the Commission will develop and recommend strategies to ensure the availability of problem gambling programs and resources.

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