Ontario Attorney General Discusses iGaming Business

After months of operation, Ontario’s new online gaming and sports betting market is starting to gain some momentum. 온라인카지노 Recently, the provincial attorney general, Doug Downey, discussed the topic and shed more light on why the provincial government pushed for it and rolled the dice in Canada’s first private i-Gaming market.

The introduction of the online gaming market was made possible by the legalization of single-event betting in August 2021, which later led to the opening of Ontario’s iGaming Framework. The private business market in the province began operating on April 4, 2022, attracting the attention of the industry’s largest betting companies.

Mr. Downey said there was already an online gaming market in the province, but it was a black market and there were no safeguards for people. In his words, many businesses have called for a regulated framework so that they can have a good sector of protecting gamblers. He promoted the market when he became attorney general and oversaw Ontario’s alcohol and games commission.

In order to revitalize the market, the province hired experts to help with the iGaming model. Mr Downey explained that while the province saw the European and American markets as an inspiration, there were no similar examples of this. However, the province has succeeded in the market transition, and is now generating millions of betting revenues.

Mr Downey reminded that during the market’s second quarter, the state reported more than C$6.04 billion in handled bets, which led the state to more than C$267 million in revenue. Currently, the sector has 24 online operators, 42 betting websites, and 628,000 active player accounts. According to him, this explains a huge industry.

However, there are experts who disagree that the province should be involved in sports gambling. However, the Attorney General does not agree with them. He said there is already a huge wave of sports gambling in the province, but there is no protection. And in his words, the province is adding the most important part by regulating it: responsible gambling.

Mitch Dobney is one of the supporters of this mayor and he started his business through this market. He said the open market structure is the best for everyone. He noted that if people can profit financially but responsibly from this market, it’s a good thing, and if the province can do good with this money, it’s a much bigger win for the region.

Currently, private operators are not allowed to offer horse racing, but this could soon change shared Woodbine entertainment. The province’s largest horse racing operator said it needs approval from the Paris-Mutual Agency of Canada to provide it in a sportsbook that can offer gamblers. This is expected to become a reality before the end of the year.

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