RGC Announces Winner of BetMGM RG Check Certification

This week, BetMGM, a well-known betting operator, announced that it had been recognized by the Responsible Gambling Commission for player protection plans. 카지노 The operator has earned industry-leading recognition for its commitment to responsible play, athlete health and safety devices, and for its successful execution across both land and online activities.

RGC is an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting safer gambling by promoting positive change and improving responsible play standards in Canada and abroad. RG Check is one of the industry’s most comprehensive and responsible gambling certification programs that recognize companies’ strong responsible play policies and activities.

Adam Greenblatt, the CEO of the operator, said he was very happy that the brand received the honorable RG Check certification. He noted that the check is evidence of the company’s ongoing efforts to promote responsible play and protect customers throughout its business. He also promised that the company would continue to work to promote safe gambling.

However, in order to obtain certification, the operator went through a rigorous evaluation process that included a thorough review of responsible play policies and procedures, employee training, and player protection protocols. Operators evaluated by a team of experts at the RGC are certified for the U.S., Ontario and Bogata online segments.

Meanwhile, Shelley White, CEO of RGC, congratulated BetMGM on obtaining RG Check certification for its North American platform. She noted that the achievement demonstrates the brand’s strong commitment to responsible gambling and player safety. She also praised the operator’s commitment to promoting responsible play and prioritizing player health.

The operator continues to expand into new markets, but responsible play training remains one of its top priorities. The responsible gambling process has been strengthened by Gamesense, a well-known player protection program for the British Columbia Lottery Company. Recently, the operator signed a renewal to make it available for the next five years.

GameSense is also integrated into BetMGM’s mobile and desktop platforms, allowing users to receive the same experience in the program as in MGM Resorts properties across the country. In this way, the program complements the operator’s already existing responsible gambling tools and resources to better serve customers and enable a secure gambling experience.

BetMGM operates in Ontario and was one of the first iGaming brands to debut offering products on the first day of local market opening for private operators. To do so, the company was licensed by the Ontario Commission on Alcohol and Gaming. Premium online casinos and sportsbook offerings are available locally, as permitted by the sector.

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