Barry Resident Lands CA $36M Lotto 6/49 Prize money

This week Canada found its next lottery, a millionaire, and he lives in Ontario. According to the Ontario Lottery and Game Company, one lucky ticket holder was chosen as the winner of the 6/49 Lottery jackpot, which is over $36.4 million in Canadian dollars. The Crown also reported that the winning ticket was purchased somewhere in Barry.

There are two draws on Wednesday and Saturday for the popular 6/49 game of lotto every week. The jackpot is always worth millions of Canadian dollars, so there’s a huge chance of winning every round. In addition, there is always one guaranteed prize worth a million Canadian dollars for each lucky ticket from this country.

This week, on January 13, 2022, OLG announced that it had finally won Lotto 6/49 after weeks of accumulation. The main prize money amounted to a life-changing C$36.4 million, and according to the Crown Agency, Barry’s ticket holder won. They will have up to 52 weeks to contact the company and receive a huge prize.

The Crown Agency says this is the fourth time in the last two years that Barry has been allocated a multi-million dollar lottery ticket. In addition, several encore tickets worth C$100,000 were registered and sold in Sania’s Timiskaming/Cochran District through a draw this Wednesday, with some confirmed to have been sold on the official OLG app.

Participants are also advised to check the winning tickets online at all times using the Crown’s scanning function. The agency can also inform the OLG by advising everyone who has earned a certain amount of money from the ticket to sign on the back of the ticket and head to the nearest retailer immediately so that they can verify the ticket.

OLG does not reveal the exact location of the purchase due to safety concerns and the winner’s identity will be revealed upon requesting a check from the reward center. The winner is CA36,449,852.60, and the jackpot of the game is C$5 million for the lottery draw on Saturday, January 15, 2022.

Earlier this month, the OLG announced another major lottery win case in Ontario. The winners’ names are Elizabeth Lumbo and Arlene Lumbo from Toronto, and the former couple won a whopping C$44 million through a lottery on July 20, 2021. Now, the two will share the prize money because they each win a huge amount of C$22,011,636.

Similar to the 6/49 Lotto jackpot, the Lotto Max One also went through a cumulative phase, taking some time for someone to win, and on January 7, 2022, the jackpot reached an impressive C$5,000,000, ultimately winning the jackpot. Lucky ticket holders are supposed to live in Saskatoon, and the life-changing numbers that brought them prizes were 04, 05, 31, 39, 42, 45, 50.

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