The men’s team is stable, and the women’s team is a variable overseas

The 2024 Korea Volleyball Federation (KOVO) men’s and women’s tryouts held at Dubai Science Park and NAS Sports Complex in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) from the 7th (Korea Standard Time) to the 11th were all closed.

From the 7th to the 9th, the women’s tryout was held first, followed by the men’s tryout from the 9th to the 11th.

Except for “defending champion” Hyundai E&C and GS Caltex, all of the women’s teams have recruited new faces. Hyundai E&C has renewed contracts with MOMA and GS Caltex have completed their contracts with Silva. Pepper Savings Bank selected Barbarra Jabic (Croatia) as the No. 1 overall pick. Vanya Vukiric (Serbia), who played for Korea Expressway Corporation in the previous season, will be wearing the clothes of a general counsel this time.

The prevailing view was that the women’s tryout pool this time was not as good as the previous season. Korea Expressway Corporation manager Kim Jong-min even mentioned the possibility of renewing his contract with Bukirich. Therefore, it is highly likely that Bukirich, who played for the Korea Expressway Corporation, will renew his contract or renew his nomination.

Vukirich did not renew his contract with the Korea Expressway Corporation, but he was hired by the association chief to meet his second team in Korea. Instead, the Korea Expressway Corporation selected left-handed Apogit Merelin Nikoleva of Bulgaria, and IBK Industrial Bank of Korea, whose blueprint completely changed after Abercrombie failed to apply for a tryout, saw Victoria Danchak of Ukraine. Heungkuk Life Insurance selected Apogit Turku Bourgeois of Turkiye.

As the U.S. Pro League (PVF, LOVB) has opened in succession, some players’ plans have been disrupted. IBK suffered an unexpected situation in which it hurriedly withdrew its tryout due to Von Poon’s withdrawal from the U.S. league at the last minute. As a result, it decided to recruit setter Chen Shintong of China in the Asian quarter. On top of that, Jeonggwanché selected Bookicic by playing for the LOVB league including outside heater Giovanna Milana of the U.S. In addition, Yasmin Vedart joined the Sigorta Shop of the Turkiye League, and most of his proven track record was omitted.

LOVB, which began as a club league in 2020, is the third volleyball professional league in the United States that plans to launch a pre-season in November 2024. Ahead of the league’s launch, it is actively recruiting excellent players from each country, including their own countries, Asia, and Europe. If U.S. college players who will turn their attention to their own leagues or outstanding European players who want a career on the big stage cross over, it may become more difficult to supply and demand players.

Willow Johnson (Mojo of San Diego, USA), a native of Heungkuk Life Insurance who re-applied for the tryout, is currently playing in the PVF league. However, since PVF is a relatively short season league that takes place from February to May, players who played in the league can also apply for the tryout in Korea. However, Willow failed to renew his contract with Heungkuk Life Insurance.

Foreign players in the men’s division generally choose stable players again this time. However, some foreign mercenaries, who had been heavily involved in renewing contracts due to their excellent performances in the team, changed their uniforms, sending shockwaves throughout the world.

First of all, the transfer of Leonardo Leyva (Cuba, Hyundai Capital), who is scheduled to play a total of seven seasons from the 24-25 season in the Korean league, became an issue.

Leo joined Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance on a loan form for the 12-13 season, and played until 2015 before moving to overseas leagues. He returned to the domestic league when he joined OK Financial Group in the 21-22 season, and contributed greatly to his team’s first Champions League appearance in eight years in the 23-24 season.

“There is a high possibility that Leo will renew his contract with the original team (with OK Financial Group), as other teams will take him to the market anyway,” a volleyball source said before the tryout. However, OK Financial Group has not announced its intention to renew the contract, leaving Ansan for Cheonan for the first time in three seasons. Leo is the first foreign player to play six seasons in a V-League so far. If the team completes the 24-25 season, it will break the record with seven seasons.

Yosvani Hernandez (Cuba), who played for Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, will head to Korean Air, his former team, as the No. 1 overall pick. He joined OK Financial Group (formerly Rush & Cash) in the 18-19 season and spent 23-24 seasons with Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance through Hyundai Capital and Korean Air.

Yosvani ranked No. 1 overall in the 23-24 regular season with 1,068 points, and 0.55 per set was also ranked No. 1 overall in serve. His time difference average success rate also stood at 80.95 percent (No. 1). He has played in four of the seven teams, and is enjoying a rare career as a “V-Journeyman” as a foreign player.

KB Insurance has renewed its contract with Andres Villena of Spain, a former foreign player, and Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance has brought in Mattei Kok of Slovenia, a foreign player who has already been verified by Woori Card in the 23-24 season.

In addition, a total of three teams, Korea Electric Power Corporation (Luis Elian Estrada (Cuba), Woori Card (Michael Ahi (Dutch)), and OK Financial Group (Manuel Luconi (Italy), have recruited new foreigners.

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