PBA Team League Draft Completion Huons, Morales, and Cha Yu-ram Select

The 2024-25 season PBA Team League Draft was held at the Korea Press Center Press Club in Jung-gu, Seoul on the 14th.

Through this draft, each team must have at least seven players. It must have at least four male and two female players to meet the criteria for team league matches. It must also have at least two foreign players.

The order of nomination is as follows. In the first to fourth rounds of the draft, the team with the fewest protected players will receive the right to nominate first. If the number of protected players is the same, the team will receive the right to nominate from the reverse order from last season.

As a result, Huons received the first choice. The second choice is Walcom Savings Bank. Huons and Welcome Savings Bank will also exercise the first and second choice in the second round, while SY will appoint players as the third choice. High1 Resort and Crown Haitai will join in the third round, while NH Nonghyup Card and SK Rent-a-Car will also select players for the fourth round.

The nomination of players from the fifth round, which will take place after meeting the team’s minimum player composition (7 players), is optional, and the first priority for the nomination will be from Hana Card, the winner of the postseason last season.

Woori Financial Capital, which newly joined this season, has combined all seven players inherited from Blue One Resort as protective players.

Huons acquired Robinson Morales of Spain as the first choice in the first round. Morales ranked ninth in the 20-21 Welcome Savings Bank Championship and ninth in the 20-21 Crown Haitai Championship. In the second round, Cha Yu-ram was picked. In the third round, he picked Lee Sang-dae, and in the fourth round, Lee Shin-young.

Welcome Savings Bank selected Philippos Cassido Costas of Greece as the second choice in the first round. Cassido Costas once won the 19-20 Panasonic Open and the 20-21 Welcome Savings Bank Championship. In the second round, he selected a “big fish” semi-signer. He took Kim In-kwon in the third round and Kim Do-kyung in the fourth round.

SY chose Yusuke Mori of Japan as the third choice in the second round. In the third round, he picked Jang Ga-yeon. In the fourth round, he brought Kwon Bal-hae.

High1 Resort, which started the draft as the second pick in the third round, picked Haasaj Burak (Turkiye). In the fourth round, Jeon Ji-woo was selected.

Crown Haitai chose Hwang Hyung-bum in the third round and Nguyen Deuk Aincien (Vietnam) in the fourth round.

NH Nonghyup Card selected Jung Soo-bin as the sixth choice in the fourth round.

SK Rent-a-Car, which has the last option of the seventh place in the fourth round, took Cho Ye-eun.

In the fifth round, all nine teams waived their nominations.

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