Scheffler, who was 6 under par on the last day of the arrest row

Scheffler tied seven birdies and one bogey to hit a 6-under 65 in the final fourth round of the tournament at Valhalla Golf Club (par 71) in Louisville, Kentucky, on the 20th (Korea time).

Scheffler, who recorded a 13-under 271 total, finished the tournament tied for eighth.

According to The Associated Press, Scheffler was asked about his future schedule. That included whether he was charged with multiple counts of an accident that took place on Thursday, including whether he planned to remain in Louisville for a trial scheduled for Wednesday or return to his family’s Dallas home.

“It’s still up in the air. I think I’ll be able to go home,” Scheffler said. “I haven’t figured out all the situations yet. I came here for an interview right after I signed the scorecard. But I hope I get home tonight.”

A person who was crossing without permission was hit by a passing shuttle bus near the venue on the 17th and died. While driving to the golf course, Scheffler was stopped by a police officer while driving without following the instructions of a police officer who was handling a traffic accident near the entrance of the golf course. The officer was hurt while stopping Scheffler’s car. Scheffler was charged with reckless driving, neglect of reception calls by police officers, and assault. Scheffler was pulled out of the car and taken into custody in handcuffs and was booked. He was released and allowed to play in the second round after taking a mugshot of his face at the police station.

At the time, Scheffler said there was “a big misunderstanding” and that his situation would be handled well.

Scheffler showed off his strong mentality by cutting five shots and tying for fourth in the second round, right after his release from the police station. However, he lost two shots in the third round, falling to a tie for 24th place. Ted Scott, the caddie in charge of the caddie, was on vacation to attend his daughter’s high school graduation ceremony, but he was different from the old caddie.

Scott was back in the final round and Scheffler got back to his original form and finished off a tumultuous week after hitting six under.

Scheffler will compete in the Charles Schwab Challenge next week at Colonial Country Club in Fort Worth, Texas, near his home.

“I’m trying to figure out how fast I can get home from here, I can’t wait to get home. Scheffler got his first son, Bennett, last week.

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