The second act of my basketball career has come up

“The second act of basketball has come up”

Jihyun Shin (174 centimeters, G) was the ace of Hana One Q. He was thrilled with the first BEST 5 since his debut in the 2020-2021 season, and received the same award in the 2021-2022 season. He played in all 30 regular league games and shot his career high with 17.77 points, 5.23 assists, and 3.77 rebounds in 34 minutes and 38 seconds on average.

However, Hana One Q, which includes Jihyun Shin, has never played in a playoff since its foundation. It was the worst record in the 2021-2022 season. The team was the lowest with five wins and 25 losses. And Jihyun Shin became the second FA.

Many predicted that Jihyun Shin would leave, too. However, Jihyun Shin did not quite meet those expectations. During the three-year contract period, he remained at Hana One Q on the condition that his annual salary be 420 million won (annual salary: 300 million won and incentive: 120 million won).

Jihyun Shin continued to lead Hana One Q well after that. In particular, it led Hana One Q’s first playoff in the 2023-2024 season. I also experienced my first playoff since my debut.

However, Hana One Q has been busy since the end of the 2023-2024 season. It has renewed its contracts with Yang In-young (184 cm, F) and Kim Si-on (175 cm, G), who were released as internal free agents, and recruited Jinan (181 cm, C), who was released as external free agents. With this, Hana One Q has established a front court line that consists of Kim Jeong-eun, Yang In-young, and Jinan.

However, Hana OneQ had to ponder the salary cap. In the end, Jihyun Shin, the ace and one-club player, was removed from the protected list. Because of this, Jihyun Shin first went to Busan BNK as Jinan’s compensation player. After that, he was traded to Shinhan Bank in Incheon. He has been training at Shinhan’s practice gym in the offseason.

Jihyun Shin said, “I expected it to some extent. So I was able to quickly accept the reality. Now, I have a big heart to say, ‘I have to do well,'” he said from his heart when he left Hana One Q.

“It’s been about three weeks since I joined the team. The players themselves are full of energy, and the coaches and coaches inspire me to cheer up. So far, I am having fun (laughs),” he said, adding how he felt about joining Shinhan Bank.

As mentioned above, Jihyun Shin is living in another team for the first time since its debut. However, Shinhan Bank also has to take on one option. It has several tasks such as ‘adaptation’ and ‘responsibility’.

First of all, Jihyun Shin said, “There are a lot of good shooting players, and (Choi) Lee Sam is here. Look at my offense, but I think I just need to save other players. I think I just need to keep my strengths as they are,” and talked about what I have to do on the court.

After that, he said, “We have a lot of new players, and we have a lot of players from the Asian quarter. You have to get to know each other from a daily basis, and you have to show that on the court. To do that, you have to have a lot of conversations. In the case of tactics, you have to carry out the instructions of the coach and the coach well,” and he put importance on what he had to do off the court.

Lastly, he said, “I spent 10 years at Hana One Q since my debut. And the second act of my basketball career has come up. But I will do well and show you good performances.” He hit a pretty big turning point, but the tone of the Jihyun Shin was as calm as ever.

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